Run a Lightning Node with infinite liquidity and automated channels.
Download the CLI
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Nodana provides hosting for phoenixd, a specialized Lightning node from Acinq.

Run a node in the cloud in seconds and connect from anywhere.
No registration, personal details or credit cards required.
Control nodes using our CLI. No dashboards or passwords on Nodana.
Per minute pricing and top up using your favourite Lightning wallet.
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Command Line Driven|

Create an API key
$ nodana init
-y (auto accept the terms)
Create a phoenixd service
$ nodana service create phoenixd
-n <name>
-a <autoLiquidity>
-w <webhook>
Create a phoenixd service.
Start a service
$ nodana service start id
Start a service that has previously been stopped.
Stop a service
$ nodana service stop id
Stop a service. Charges still apply for stopped service.
List services
$ nodana service list
View running and stopped services.
Delete a service
$ nodana service delete id
Delete a service and prevent further charges.
Create an invoice
$ nodana invoice create
-v <value>
Create a Lightning invoice so you can top up your credit.
Check Status
$ nodana status
Check the credit available for your API key.


How do I get an API key?
You need to call the init command to get an API key.
How do I connect to my service?
When you use the CLI to create a service you will get a connection url in the response. You can also retrieve the connection url at a later date using the list command.
Which software can I run on Nodana?
At the moment we support phoenixd with plans to support other software in the near future.
How much does it cost to run a service?
Phoenixd nodes cost 0.4 sats per min or part thereof (approx $10 per month).
When do I get charged?
For services that have not been deleted, a charge will be automatically applied at the end of each day. If you choose to delete your service manually then there will be a charge at that point. Please note that once credit runs out, services created using your API key will be deleted.
Are you in Beta testing?
Yes, we are in beta testing at the moment and will be for a while. This means that at times things might go wrong but hopefuly not too often. Keep this in mind when running software on Nodana.